I love miley but this album is trash. It feels inauthentic since she tried so hard to erase this image of her and now it seems like she’s trying to boost sales by appealing to middle America. It’s a no for me dawg.

This album is amazing. Since you say you love Miley then you know she always writes about her personal feelings and doesn’t care what people will think. She did it with Bangerz, she did it with Dead Petz and now again with Younger Now.

I don’t think she’s trying to boost sales or anything, that’s just the style she chose this time. And if she cared so much about sales this album wouldn’t be produced by one person and self-written, she would hire like 30 people for that to make sure it was well written and produced.

I think the album is amazing, of course like every album there are weak songs, but overall I love it. However that’s your opinion.