Member Submissions on MileyCyrusDaily (Info Post)

As some of you may know, our small team is currently looking for new members to help us out with this blog.
In this post, I just wanna quickly tell you how to apply correctly as a member because unfortunately we’ve been getting many submissions that didn’t follow our rules. We appreciate your enthusiasm but submissions like ‘I’m obsessed with Miley and I’m always up to date with news about her, so I wanna be a member!’ or similar will not be accepted.

There aren’t many rules to follow though, just these 3:

1. FILL OUT THE FORM. This is the most important rule to be actually considered as a new member. You can find the form HERE. Just copy and paste the questions into the ask box, answer them and click ‘submit’. Done!
2. We’ve noticed that many people apply with their iCloud adresses or other email adresses. Unfortunately, if you apply like that, we can’t reply to your message. Please make sure that you’re applying with your Tumblr account.
3. Please also look through our basic rules provided in this post before you apply. They’re important as they determine whether you’re qualified to be a member or not.

And that’s it! I hope it helps some people. x